Red lanterns acknowledge the Chinese festive season

Does the ‘Year of the Pig’ Tread on Muslims?

China and its diaspora are abuzz this month with festivities tied to the Lunar New Year, celebrating the last animal in the zodiac, the pig. And while that may not spark much controversy in many countries, it does at least raise an eyebrow across the Islamic world. Swine are identified as “haram” or “forbidden” in … Continue reading Does the ‘Year of the Pig’ Tread on Muslims?

Pakistani Diaspora Thrives in America

The ability to live freely, according to a chosen faith, is a core American value. But for US Muslims, there is an inherent conflict between religion and citizenship, given hostility toward Islam. Threading My Prayer Rug adds a deeply personal—and uniquely Pakistani—twist to resolving this dilemma. With this heartfelt memoir, Sabeeha Rehman actually wrote three … Continue reading Pakistani Diaspora Thrives in America

Bikinis Deflected From Indonesian Airspace

Vietnam-based Vietjet is no ordinary airline. It has carved out consumer awareness of its brand by featuring bikini-clad flight attendants. The gimmick has worked for its female founder; Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao became a billionaire after the airline’s initial public offering in February. But minimalist uniforms are not export-friendly, at least to the Islamic world. … Continue reading Bikinis Deflected From Indonesian Airspace

Pakistan Lures Bargain Hunters

Currency-depreciation rumors are playing out in Pakistan, with the rupee tumbling over 3.0% in mid-week trading. The realignment is provoked, at least fundamentally, by a deteriorating external account. But it is exacerbated by faltering confidence in the government. Prime Minister Sharif is under investigation for money-laundering allegations. There is good news behind the veil of … Continue reading Pakistan Lures Bargain Hunters

Saudi Sukuk Delay Signals Investor Unease

Institutional names worldwide appear to be resisting an anticipated mega-sukuk to be offered by Saudi Arabia. If successful, the $10 billion sale would be the largest-ever, dollar-denominated Islamic bond offering. The problem is a complex hybrid structure, more commonly understood in Bahrain or Kuala Lumpur, than London or New York. The Kingdom wants to see … Continue reading Saudi Sukuk Delay Signals Investor Unease

Looking for a Halal Restaurant?

Muslim-friendly dining apps are a logical extension of the internet economy. But companies may quickly discover that their niche market is being overwhelmed with competition from unexpected players. The good news is that there are plenty of case studies on which ummah-focused startups can rely for business-strategy perspective. The bad news is that cities like … Continue reading Looking for a Halal Restaurant?