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At Cranganore, our communications activities are general in scope and dimension. We offer those who track us regularly an opportunity to learn from the breadth of our expertise, while we explore fresh ideas with the professional community. Most of these channels are available at no cost.

Colleagues may sign-up for our priority-relationship roster. These email dispatches are infrequent to maintain a healthy respect for your inbox. Based on our current practices, you could receive five-to-seven emails a year. We usually send out an annual update, summaries of our white papers, and top-line notifications about deal flow across industries. You might get an e-card on New Year’s Day.

Cranganore offers uncommon views on worldwide economic and commercial trends. Graze Today is distributed weekly across six continents to senior executives and investment managers. Our outlook covers an array of themes, reaching past Wall Street drivel. You benefit from timely thoughts on headline market events; we gain from any feedback that you offer by return email.

Our newsletter is interdisciplinary. At this time, we do not publish a dedicated halal-centered bulletin.

Our audio program is Market Anvil. We draw monthly from a deep bench of experts on asset classes and economic issues to offer penetrating insight for global investors. Our efforts align with demands for a strategy podcast from colleagues around the world. In early planning sessions, we tagged over 70 topics. Ideas range from oil-market upheaval to space-commerce trends.

You can track Cranganore on your LinkedIn feed. We appreciate your encouragement as we build our corporate profile on this social-media site. Our online posts highlight original comments across business verticals, as well as periodic corporate announcements and client bulletins. As components of our LinkedIn corporate page, category sections offer essential insight on current newsflow.

We loosely manage a professional group Islamic Asset Management on LinkedIn. Joining this online forum may be of interest to you. Our goal is to offer trend-laden discussion for specialists and generalists alike. In our experience, the groups feature may be an undervalued social-media asset for those seeking networking opportunities.

We appreciate myriad voices across the global marketplace, but the best voices belong to our clients. We work closely with qualified names, avoiding the temptation to scale, replicate, and overbook activities. Our best work finds its home in one-of-a-kind challenges, working in tandem with senior executives. We are comfortable with either small firms or multinational enterprises.

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You Talk, We Listen

Hiring a capital-stack service provider can be daunting. Our industry is highly fragmented, if not confusing.

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The Scout Mindset
Why Some People See Things Clearly and Others Don't
Julia Galef

Julia Galef has written a book that is destined for a permanent place on the business bookshelf. The Scout Mindset sets out to tell you how to think, rather than what to think. She ably describes the thought process of a soldier as a foil to the scout, drawing inferences on how evidence should point to conclusions. The magic of this book is that it is both entertaining and accessible. What we particularly value about the text is that it is a de facto field guide for better listening, a skill that is woefully in short supply in today’s widespread quest for digital status.


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