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Our LinkedIn group is Islamic Asset Management. We draw attention to sources and uses of capital across the Islamic world. A narrow selection of the posts that you see on this blog also appear as discussions in the group, alongside the contributions of others.

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There are some very large Islamic finance-related groups on LinkedIn. Each group in this discipline has its own personality. In Islamic Asset Management, we encourage members to consider a cross-border viewpoint, looking at trends in a global context. We aim to offer timely perspective on headline developments.

Our discussion framework touches on three topics:

Economic Diplomacy
Portfolio Assets
Wholesale Banking

The shift from multilateralism to bilateralism has caused economic diplomacy to stumble. Instead of using finance and trade to harmonize viewpoints, some leaders are weaponizing them. This approach may be an extension of strongman politics, which will mitigate itself over time. Or it could lead to deeper fractures in the international order, with unpredictable and degraded outcomes.

Islamic Asset Management promotes relationship building and professional networking. By its nature, the membership is drawn heavily from the Middle East and Southeast Asia. We welcome participation from those based in conventional money centers such as New York, London, and Tokyo.

Why not take a moment to join our group? The link below will direct you to the group profile page. Simply click on the “Ask to Join” button.

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