Skill Set

We correlate many of our business activities to Islamic finance, with outposts across the Muslim world. Our extensive skill set frames a gateway to unexpected capital sources. Clients benefit from our deep roots in this specialization, dating from our formative years as a private company. Heritage milestones include developing and marketing regulated Islamic funds. We are able to integrate Shariah oversight from world-renowned scholars or independent specialists.

We are not able to offer all services in every jurisdiction or to all businesses. We may act in concert with locally-regulated entities in some cases.

Shariah Structuring

Islamic finance is a core component of global capital markets. The industry has grown rapidly. Malaysia has been a major advocate since the Asian currency crisis in 1998; the Gulf propelled momentum during the period of buoyant oil prices between 2002-2008. We encourage those seeking capital to consider Shariah-based intermediation.

Investment Strategy

Tap into our on-the-ground experience across the Islamic Crescent, in markets ranging from Morocco to Kuwait to Indonesia. We are adept at interpreting public-sector developments and direct-investment opportunities. Our principal was among the first Wall Street analysts to construct an investible framework for emerging and frontier markets.

Halal Opportunities

We work alongside venture capitalists and business strategists in assessing commercial opportunities that target the Muslim community worldwide. While we are best known for our work in the financial-services sector, we recalibrate this heritage to benefit firms operating in the real economy. Our experience covers lifestyle and food-production considerations.

Because we do not aspire to build a public profile, our consulting work is often conducted behind-the-scenes on a white-labelled or outsourced basis. We benefit by helping others succeed.

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Islamic Wealth

At Cranganore, our reach stretches across the Islamic world. We engage project sponsors based in Muslim-majority countries, as well as those in Western nations.


Client Profile

We consult on a highly bespoke basis with senior management. Project requirements vary widely; we are drawn to diversity. Some of our greatest successes have been with out-of-the-mainstream initiatives.

Business Meeting

Business leaders across the globe find our streamlined approach to be well-suited to their custom needs. In America, local and regional clients gain from our exhaustive experience across six continents.